Toy Wagons

Written by Samuel Wong
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Toy wagons are a part of almost every adult's childhood memories. When I was a kid, I would always love going to the local garden center with my parents because my sister and I would get to ride in the red wagons around the nursery. Of course, the ride would only last until my mom or dad would find a plant to put in the wagon, but it was fun nonetheless.

When my sister outgrew the age of riding in toy wagons, she didn't stop using them altogether. She and one of her friends from the neighborhood would fill a wagon up with freshly made lemonade and sell it to people on our block. The wagon had turned into a kid-sized catering truck!

Toy Wagons Are Timeless

Toy wagons help parents reconnect with the carefree years of their childhood. How many greeting cards and posters have been made based on the picture of a little boy pulling his new puppy in a toy wagon? Whose childhood doesn't involve transforming a toy wagon into a go-kart or other type of car?

Toy wagons are one of those magical toys that appeal to all kids, regardless of when or where they grow up. Kids like to be mobile. Whether it be on bicycles, roller skates or skateboards, they like to get places fast. Toy wagons provide yet another method of fast transport. Whether you're pulling your best friend, or riding down the hill by yourself, all a toy wagon needs is a good imagination.

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