Toys For Children

Written by Samuel Wong
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There is a nearly endless selection of toys for children on the market today. You can spend a whole day walking through a toy store and not see the same type of toy twice. There are toys for every type of child, from young artists to young athletes.

It seems as though today's marketers have abandoned the idea of a toy that will be shared by more than one child. They would rather you buy an individual toy for each child. While this may not be a problem for people with unlimited resources, it is a bit more difficult for those of us watching where and how we spend our money.

Time-Tested Toys For Children

In the past, toys for children were made to appeal to every child. All that was required of the child was a vivid imagination. Today, however, most children's toys require a television set or the latest video gaming system. While these toys may develop hand-eye coordination and computer skills, they do little else in the way of physical and mental stimulation.

Just because we live in the computer age does not mean our toys for children can't include swing sets and playhouses. Our children's generation is steadily becoming one of the most sedentary segments of the population. We can try to blame it all on the food they eat, but the main culprit for our children's large waistlines is the fact that the newest toys don't require much physical activity.

Active Toys for Children

When we remember our childhood and the toys for children our parents bought, we usually don't think of the exciting video games or computer games. We think of the toys that provided us an escape from chores and schoolwork. Toys that let us be the man or woman of the house, or that let us have the fastest bicycle on the block. In other words, the toys that required the most amount of imagination.

The toys for children that stand out in many people's memories are the swing sets and bicycles. For those of us who grew up in apartments or in the city, it may be a playhouse or toy furniture. The fun toys made us feel like we were grown ups, without all the stresses and burdens of adulthood.

Not All Toys for Children Are Violent

If you are buying the latest, most popular toys for children, you need to consider how your children will be affected by what you buy. If you buy a violent videogame, you have to spend time explaining to your children that what goes on in the videogame is not acceptable in real life. Many studies have shown that violent videogames desensitize a child to violent images, and that the violence he or she sees on the screen may carry over into the home. Some parents do not like buying fashion dolls for their children because they do not instill a healthy self-image.

One of the excuses that is frequently used when parents decide against buying big toys for children is the fact that bigger toys are more expensive. However, if you added up the total cost of the latest video gaming system, and two or three new games each month to keep your child occupied and interested, it would be much more costly than a new playhouse or swing set. The initial cost may be higher, but you will not be spending large amounts of money on the latest accessories and upgrades.

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