Written by Samuel Wong
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Many a fond childhood memory involves racing tricycles down the street, plastic handlebar streamers flapping wildly in the wind. The combination of the wind in your ears and on your face created a feeling of speed and freedom like no other. After reaching the bottom of the hill, the only thing you could think of was preparing yourself for the long, uphill pedal that awaited.

Tricycles are the perfect toy for the mobile child who is not yet ready to tackle a two-wheeler. Their simple, three-wheeled design provides for hours and hours of speedy fun. A kid can spend the whole day riding back and forth through the backyard on a tricycle without getting bored by the scenery or terrain.

Tricycles Provide Stable Fun

For kids who do not have the confidence or sense of balance to ride on two wheels, tricycles provide a fun and safe alternative. If you have children of different ages, a tricycle will enable your younger child to keep up with the older one on bike rides around the neighborhood. If you have more kids on the way, a tricycle's durability makes it a great hand me down.

If it seems like your child has gotten the hang of walking and wants to try something a little faster, consider buying one of the many tricycles on the market. There are tricycles for large and small children. There are some tricycles that do double duty as a walking toy, so when your child gets too tired to pedal, you can push him or her along.

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