Ty Pillow Pals

Written by Will Baum
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Ty Pillow Pals are the extremely collectible cousins of the famous Beanie Babies. Pillow Pals are sometimes confused with Beanie Buddies (a Beanie Baby variation). They are a similar size and have a similar look. But Pillow Pals and Beanie Buddies have distinctly different stuffing and fabric. Confused? Look at the tag. Both are clearly marked.

The collectability of Ty Pillow Pals is due not only to softness and cuteness. They are also rare. Ty Inc. head Ty Warner sees to that by eventually discontinuing (or "retiring") all Ty stuffed animals. Warner created mayhem with toy lovers when he announced that he was retiring Beanie Babies in December 1999.

Who is Ty Pillow Pals Creator Ty Warner?

Ty Pillow Pals creator Ty Warner gives few interviews and tends to stay out of the public spotlight. The Illinois native was son of a toy salesman. Warner dropped out of college to pursue acting, but when that failed, entered the plush toy business, taking a job with the Dakin Company in 1962.

After 18 years with Dakin, Warner went out on his own. Touring Italy, Warner came across toy stuffed cats that inspired him to create Ty Inc. Ty's first ten plush cats sold for $20 each. They are worth far more today. 1993 was the dawn of the Beanie Baby. Ty Inc. was never the same. The Internet is an excellent place to track down Pillow Pals and other creatures from Ty Inc.

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