Water Toys

Written by Serena Berger
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Water toys liven up even the most humid and overwhelmingly hot summer days. For play on the lawn, in the pool, or at the beach, children of all ages love water toy. Happily, you should be able to find water toys to appeal to a variety of tastes at reasonable rates online.

Enjoyable Water Toys for the Whole Family

Perhaps the oldest standby, the classic of water toys, is the water pistol. Many generations have enjoyed this simple toy, and children have spent happy hours playing water tag with water guns. In addition to the traditional small, clear, plastic water gun, there are toy manufacturers making much larger and more complicated toys with continuous streaming blast, pumps, and diffuser functions.

All of these varieties can be found online at bulk and wholesale prices. If you are looking at bulk toys, you may also consider buying balloons (which cost less than a penny, if you buy in bulk) and filling them with water to make another classic summer water game. Some manufacturers are also making mini water fans, which are a lot of fun and can be carried anywhere to cool you off.

Water slides are another standby of family fun. If you have a lawn and a hose, you have to get yourself a water slide to make hot summer afternoons more enjoyable. The Internet is a great resource for finding all these and other water toys at the lowest possible prices.

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