Wholesale Carnival Prizes

Written by Serena Berger
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Wholesale carnival prizes are the only way to go if you are looking to stock the games and redemption areas at a fair. Carnival prizes come in many price ranges, as the prizes range from the small prizes you get for winning one game to the large prizes you get if you keep winning. Wholesale carnival prizes offer the lowest possible prices you will find, however, even on the more expensive items that are top rung prizes.

Small and Large Wholesale Carnival Prizes

As the top tier of prizes, many games will offer large stuffed animals and/or electronic items. For children and sometimes for a date, the ideal is to win one of the human-sized plush or stuffed animals. For others, a CD player, DVD player, camera, or other electronic item is the best possible prize.

Rates for such high-end electronic items can still be significantly lower from an online wholesaler than they would be anywhere else. The savings are similarly impressive if you are looking for smaller wholesale carnival prizes. The wholesale bulk rates you can find online turn pocket change into significant currency.

You will find a variety of small prizes to suit any taste. Toys with tie-ins to popular movies, pocket-sized games, and small stuffed animals and plush toys are typically the most desired wholesale carnival prizes. You may also find novelty toys and candy that you would consider using to stock your prize rack. The possibilities are endless, when you look online to find internet wholesalers.

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Spend enough money

I spent 17 years traveling with carnivals so I know all about these things.
If you spend enough money you will win prizes. The best place to play is the Bust one you win balloons, Glass pitch, Ring toss & similar games. So Good Luck & Have some FUN........... :)SgzES


Of the panoply of website I've pored over this has the most vrceatiy.

i don''t get it

I would love to win some carnival toys - but i get the feeling that the carnies make it so you can't win.

Danny - Toy Story 3 Toys