Wholesale Prizes

Written by Serena Berger
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Wholesale prizes are the answer to the concerns of anyone running a carnival or fair, whether for fun or profit. Why pay more when you can find a distributor online who offers toys, novelties, and candy in bulk that are ideally suited to be prizes? From the extremely inexpensive to the high-end electronics and toys, you will be able to find wholesale prizes online.

The Range of Wholesale Prizes

In some cases, prizes are just little tokens that someone receives simply for trying a game. You can find such prizes starting as low as a couple of pennies per unit. Temporary tattoos, finger cuffs, plastic figurines, and the like can be bought quite cheaply at wholesale prices.

Then there are slightly larger prizes that you might award to someone who h as won a game once or twice. These can still cost you a nickel or a dime per unit. Small toys like water guns, pocket pinball, or novelty candies with tie-ins to popular characters are all possibilities.

Then, for those who have won several times and earn the highest rung of prizes, you may offer quality plush toys or stuffed animals. You can also find CD players, radios, walkmen, phones and novelty electronics to purchase as wholesale prizes. The Internet should provide you with more information and opportunities to purchase such items at the lowest rates around.

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