Antique Wrist Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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An antique wrist watch is more than just a symbol of outstanding craftsmanship from a bygone era. It can also be a document of distinguished provenance. In tracing the ownership of an antique watch, its modern-day owner might just stumble upon the fascinating history of a people or culture far removed from his or her own. An antique wrist watch might take its new host to the Jura Mountains of Switzerland, late-19th-century Florence, or any other international birthplace of watchmaking.

An antique watch is also a fantastic way to complete a vintage ensemble. If you've already procured the cravats, cuff links, and bustiers, a great old watch might help provide the finishing touches for a vintage costume. Of course, you need not play dress-up for the opportunity to showcase your classic timepiece. Wear it out to the mall, the office, or the ballgame as well.

Styles of Antique Wrist Watch

Finding the right antique watch can be just as difficult as scoring the perfect modern timepiece, if not harder. You still have just as many houses and designers to choose from, only availability now enters the picture as well. You may, for instance, have your heart set on a vintage Patek Philippe or Hamilton Piping Rock. You've seen the pictures and know just how and when you would wear it, but finding a trusted dealer is hamstringing the process.

It's hard enough locating reputable vendors when it comes to modern goods--especially jewelry and other specialized accessories. But your trials can be compounded by a greater range of legitimacy issues when shopping for an antique watch. Always look for sellers who offer a certificate of authenticity, and if you're shopping online be sure to first find a physical mailing address of the company you're eyeing.

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