Armani Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Armani watch has become a symbol of more than just great timekeeping. The entire Armani line, from its sunglasses to its shoes, bespeaks a way of life, even a philosophy. Great apparel and accessories should not only be of the highest quality, but should give their owner a sense of pride and comfort as well. The makers of Armani watches realize that outstanding products not only help you look great, but feel great too.

The ethos that informs Armani's wrist wear, both for men and women, is one of casual elegance. Armani wearers are at home in any environment, be it the high seas, the boardroom, or the cocktail party, and should have the accessories to suit all three. To that end, Armani has set out to produce a cosmopolitan line of watches that includes dressier models and sportier pieces, with rubber straps and stainless steel bands, round and square cases, white, black, blue, even tan dials.

Which Armani Watch Is Right for You?

Finding the perfect Armani watch is a matter of intention. Are you planning to wear your piece on Wall Street? Broadway? A dive boat? An assembly line? The classic line of Armani watches is suited for the elegant affair, the ballroom gala, the awards-night ceremony. The sports line, with its stainless steel finish, glow-in-the-dark dial, and chronograph, is tailored for weekend wear, whether you plan to hit the road or just lounge in front of the TV all day.

It has always been Armani's belief that a watch should tell more than just the time--it should tell you something about the watch's wearer as well. As with any great timepiece, from Rolex to Accutron, the Armani has a long legacy of craftsmanship and flair. It's no wonder then that the designer's watches are among the most prized offerings that bear the Armani name.

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