Bangle Watches

Written by Tara Peris
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Bangle watches have become increasingly popular in recent years, as women have started to recognize wrist watches as fashion accessories. No longer confined to the dull, restrictive options of yesteryear, women can now choose from an astounding array of timepieces. The result is that most women have more than one watch, with different styles being used in different settings.

Very few people rely on only a single watch anymore. It is a lot to ask of a timepiece to work equally well at the beach and in the ballroom. Both in terms of aesthetics and mechanical function, we need different watches for different jobs.

New Trends in Bangle Watches
These days, most people have a sport watch and a dress watch, and use these two items to cover basic needs. However, as watches become recognized as fashion accessories, design options have expanded and prices have dropped. This in turn, has allowed people greater flexibility to customize their watch selection further.

Bangle watches have become quite popular in this regard. Somewhere between a sport watch and a dress watch, they are among the more versatile options. Most lines of bangle watches are quite extensive, including both sporty and upscale designs, and are offered at prices that are lower than traditional watches.

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