Baume And Mercier Watches

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Baume and Mercier watches are a line of designer timepieces that rest on a tradition of quality and innovation. In 1912, Swiss watchmakers William Baume and Paul Mercier joined their companies to form Baume and Mercier. Within their first decade, they had garnered many awards and become one of the leading designers of fine watches in Europe. Today, the Baume and Mercier name still stands for quality and creative design in high-end timepieces.

Baume and Mercier Watches--Elegant and Functional

Baume and Mercier innovation is seen in its entire line of luxury watches. One of the company's most important inventions, the planetary rotor, led to the development of some of their most popular watches. This device oscillates with wrist movement to wind the mainspring. With this innovation, Baume and Mercier were able to create the world's flattest self-winding watch.

Creative design and attention to detail are hallmarks of Baume and Mercier watches. The Riviera collection, first launched in 1973, is a best-seller featuring alternating polished and satin finish links. A twelve-sided face, representing the twelve hours of the day, gives this watch distinct character. Men's watches are often bold and contemporary in design, while ladies' watches have a delicacy that complements their ornate detailing.

Since their beginnings early in the century, Baume and Mercier watches have developed into timepieces that truly stand out from the crowd. They are chosen for their look, which is elegant and understated yet unmistakably upscale. These are watches that will maintain their appeal year after year and through the generations.

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