Breitling Replica

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Breitling replica watch continues to be a favorite of collectors and aeronautics fans alike. Many people who can't afford an actual Breitling can still take home a piece of the company's heralded design and style with a Breitling fake. Whether it's a Navitimer, a Windtimer, or a Chronomat that captures your imagination, replicas exist that preserve the essence of each of these models.

The Breitling name has come to be synonymous with aviation. When Leon Breitling opened his first workshop in the Jura mountains of Switzerland in 1884, his goal was to manufacture precision timepieces that would be useful to science and industry. If the watches also happened to leave an indelible stylistic mark on their owners, even better. But by the time Leon's son Gaston took the company's reins in 1914, the emphasis had shifted to aeronautics use, especially in light of WWI.

How the Breitling Replica Came To Be

During the war, Gaston was the first manufacturer who was able to provide pilots with wrist watch chronometers, an essential tool in aerial combat. In doing so, Gaston upheld his father's dream of a useful wrist watch that would not only look fantastic but serve humanity as well. By 1936, Breitling had become the official watch of the Royal Air Force, permanently linking the company to the aeronautics industry.

Today, pilots, sportsmen, and historians all maintain a fascination with Breitling. Many of these enthusiasts' best chance to own a part of the Breitling legacy is with a Breitling replica, since the company's authentic timepieces can be prohibitively expensive. If you're on the hunt for a Breitling replica watch, surf the Web and you'll find a host of dealers who can outfit you with the model you're seeking, and often at a much lower price than that of your local watch retailer.

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