Breitling Replica Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you consider yourself a dedicated aeronautics nut, a Breitling replica watch may be your ideal accessory. The Breitling name has always been closely allied with aviation since WWI, when Gaston Breitling, the son of founder Leon Breitling, developed the first wrist watch with a built-in chronograph.

Since then, Breitling has used a slew of other advances to cement its place in aeronautics history. From the independent chronograph pushpiece to the return-to-zero function, Breitling's features allowed pilots to better time their missions, and with greater ease. These developments are largely the reason that the Royal Air Force made the company's watches their official timepieces in 1936.

The Breitling Replica Watch Today

Nowadays, flight fans, pilots, and historians continue to look to Breitling as an industry leader. Many of them point to astronaut Scott Carpenter, who in 1962 wore the Cosmonaute Chronograph in the Aurora 7 space capsule, as a prime example of Breitling's innovation and cutting-edge technology. But many of these same flight fans cannot afford an actual Breitling watch, which is why the Breitling replica watch is so popular.

The Breitling replica comes with all the same features and complications of an actual Breitling, but for a mere fraction of the cost. Unlike the fake Rolex, which is most often a substitute for an authentic status symbol, the fake Breitling retains much of the functionality of the model on which it's based. Of course, that functionality goes hand-in-hand with sharp, stylish looks as well.

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