Bulova Watches

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Bulova watches are known throughout the world for their excellent quality and accuracy in telling time. Established in the early 20th Century, Bulova is the preeminent American watch company. Bulova watches are known globally for their wide range of style and history of innovation in timepieces.

Bulova began as a small jewelry shop opened by Joseph Bulova in 1875 in New York City. Bulova began manufacturing the first full line of men's wristwatches (as opposed to pocket watches) in 1919, shortly after the end of World War I. Bulova has since pioneered many of the advances in the world of watchmaking including the first clock radio and the first fully electronic watch.

Bulova watches are guaranteed to be accurate to within one minute per year regardless of movement type. Their men's and ladies' watches are created using top-quality materials, expert construction techniques, and the most current technology available. Even the straps and bracelets of Bulova watches are made to the highest standards.

Buying Bulova Watches Online

With all the history and quality that goes into every Bulova watch, you might imagine that they cost a tremendous amount of money. You may be surprised at the excellent discount prices available on Bulova watches. Check out watch stores online for the best available deals on the best American watches.

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