California Rolex Dial

Written by Michael Federico
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The black and silver California dial can make almost any Rolex watch look as though it were designed in a bygone era. The vintage look of the California evokes images of timepieces from the 1930s. In fact, many of the California dials available are actually vintage pieces. The design was created to be sleek and elegant. It is a dial that is said to look just as good during the day under the sun as it does at night in a well-lit ballroom.

Unlike most Rolex dials, the California face combines both Roman and Arabic numerals. This feature has long since separated it from the majority of top-level watch dials on the market. The 34mm dial features an automatic self-winding mechanism, and it can be used with several different watch styles, including the Daytona.

Finding Rolex California Dials

There are a number of places to find Rolex watches that feature the California dial. However, many of them are used pieces. It is also possible to find the dials independently from watches through several distributors. Costs vary depending on the company. Also, most will tack on a service charge if they are the ones who will actually replace a watch's current dial with the California.

Any Rolex that utilizes a specialty dial, band, or bezel is usually considered a collector's item. However, vintage California dials are highly sought after. This means that they will often cost even more than other Rolex pieces.

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