Caravelle By Bulova

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Today, the Caravelle by Bulova comes in a range of styles and budgets. There's the Caravelle Diamond Collection, which features a single stone at the top of the dial, the Ladies' Caravelle Crystal Collection, which boasts Swarovski crystals along with a spectrum of colored dials, the Expansion Collection, sport watches, and more. Best of all, unlike many of the outrageously priced luxury watch manufacturers, Bulova makes nearly its entire line affordable to the average watch-lover.

Bulova has always been driven by a populist spirit. It was the first watchmaker to release an entire line of ladies' jeweled wrist watches as well as name one of its models for a sitting U.S. president (Calvin Coolidge). The President, as the piece was aptly called, rose to prominence after Coolidge presented Washington Senators player-manager Bucky Harris with a Bulova watch in honor of his team's 1924 World Series victory.

More on the Rise of the Caravelle by Bulova

There were other famous firsts that would pre-date the release of the Bulova Caravelle. Four years after the Senators' championship presentation, Bulova announced the world's first clock radio. Three years after that, the company became the first to produce electric clocks to be used in stores, airports, and office buildings. That same year, Bulova earned the distinction of becoming the first watch manufacturer to spend upwards of a million dollars a year on its advertising campaign.

It wasn't until thirty years later that the Caravelle by Bulova captured the attention of the American public. It was the first line of jeweled watches that was generally affordable not just to the rich and famous but the man on the street as well. By then, the public was already fascinated by Bulova's breakthrough engineering; only several years prior to that the company had launched the Bulova Accutron, the world's first and only tuning-fork watch.

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