Cartier Pasha Replica

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Cartier Pasha replica remains one of the most popular knockoff watches to this day. Cartier has always been one of the most copied designers, but the Pasha in particular is unrivaled in its popularity. The actual Cartier Pasha was designed in 1932 for the Pasha of Marrakesh, who never knew precisely when to get out of his swimming pool.

Unfortunately, most of us aren't aristocratic enough to recruit the world's top designers to hand-tailor accessories for our own unique needs. If we were, we'd all be wearing watches that took out the garbage and completed our taxes for us. But most people do have the means to afford a convincing Cartier replica, which looks, feels, and performs just like the Pasha's custom-built timepiece.

More Reasons for the Cartier Pasha Replica's Popularity

With Cartier's unveiling of the Santos-Dumont model in 1911, the general public first began to see wrist watches as more than just effeminate pieces of jewelry. The Brazilian balloonist Dumont was the inspiration for this watch, which quickly won widespread appeal among the masses. If a sportsman such as Dumont could wear one, certainly the man on the street shouldn't be ashamed to follow suit.

By 1932, when the Pasha was released, it was hailed as the first water-resistant watch in the luxury line. Rolex had already come out with its celebrated oyster watch, but this was generally more affordable and not aimed at the same luxury consumers as the Pasha. Hence, the Cartier Pasha replica occupies a small piece of history among watch-lovers and history buffs, and continues to be a leading seller in the replica watch market.

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