Cartier Replica

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Cartier replica watch carries the same prestige and style as a "real" Cartier--at least to the untrained eye. Think about how often you're accosted by a co-worker or friend throughout your day, then forced to surrender your wrist to close inspection. Doesn't happen too frequently, does it? Ah, you say, but I know it's a fake, and that's bad enough.

Maybe so, but consider this: the Cartier replica is in fashion not only with the masses who largely can't afford an authentic Cartier, but with many stars and celebrities who can. Most of them are smart enough to assess the potential threat their hectic daily lives pose to expensive wrist watches and other accessories. So while many of Hollywood's top stars (as well as others in the ranks of the rich and famous) do own real Cartiers, most of them leave them at home in their closets anyway.

The Cartier Replica--a History

The rise of the fake Cartier--and the replica watch in general--is a relatively new phenomenon. The House of Cartier, on the other hand, has been in business now for over 150 years and enjoys a distinguished legacy that adds to the brand's allure. In 1847, the company's founder, Louis Cartier, took over his teacher's jewelry shop in Paris. Twenty-five years later, Louis invited his son Alfred to join him as partner in the enterprise, and the House of Cartier was formally launched.

Since then, the business has remained a family affair. In 1898, son Alfred brought his son--also named Louis--aboard and changed the company's name to Alfred Cartier & Fils. The shop was moved to another part of Paris within the year, and several years after that branched out to London as well, beginning the international enterprise that still operates today.

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