Cartier Watch Bands

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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True connoisseurs put just as much effort into choosing Cartier watch bands as they do in picking the watches themselves. Nearly every Cartier that's purchased is done so, at least in part, because of its band. Replacing a strap with that of a different manufacturer is akin to buying a Bentley and putting in a new engine.

Still, there remain those who are enamored with Cartier watches but, perhaps, not their accompanying bands. And while it seems like needless effort, these folks can have jewelers make the desired changes. More frequently, owners of rival timepieces will elect to keep their watch faces and replace their straps with Cartier watch bands.

The History of Cartier Watch Bands

Cartier watch bands have been around as long as the Maison Cartier itself. Historians peg this birthdate as 1847, the year Louis-Francois Cartier set up shop at 31, rue Montorgueil. Ever since that date, Cartier has enjoyed worldwide acclaim as one of the leading luxury goods manufacturers in the world.

One factor in helping the launch of Cartier was the patronage of Emperor Naploeon's cousin, the princess Mathilde. Just as certain luxury watches nowadays enjoy celebrity endorsements, so too did the finer goods of centuries past. Whether Mathilde or Napoleon himself could have single-handedly launched Cartier watch straps to fame is anyone's guess. But they certainly didn't suffer from such a royal fan base.

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