Citizen Chronograph Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A Citizen chronograph watch comes with the same precision features and quality craftsmanship of standard Citizen watches, only with a few extras. Chronograph models offer a range of add-ons that some watch owners appreciate and others find distracting. Mostly, it depends on how much of a watch "purist" you consider yourself.

A chronograph watch may be little more than a regular watch with a built-in timer or stop-watch. Or, it may include more sophisticated features such as date and month windows, countdown timer, and alarm capabilities. If you're the type of person who prizes pure functionality over aesthetics, you may find a Citizen chronograph watch the perfect accessory. If you prefer simplicity, however, a standard Citizen may better suit your tastes.

Other Functions of Your Citizen Chronograph Watch

A chronograph model is also more likely to come with depth gauges than does your standard Citizen watch. The Citizen house, which has been regarded for its pioneering spirit, has always been friendly to sportsmen, especially divers. In fact, in 1992, Citizen marketed its analog "Aqualand," the first dive watch in the world with an analog depth meter.

The history of Citizen is filled with famous firsts, including the Eco Drive, the first watch to successfully derive all of its power from sunlight. Eco Drive's designers incorporated a thin sheet of silicon underneath the dial face that was able to convert sunlight into usable electronic energy. Today, it's this feature that makes Eco Drive the most popular of Citizen's watches, for the model never needs recharging beyond a few minutes in the sun.

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