Citizen Eco Drive

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Citizen Eco Drive watch is a marvel of modern technology. Its design ensures that users get a lifetime of wear out of an Eco Drive without ever having to replace a battery, since there's no battery to replace. Rather, the Citizen Eco Drive takes solar energy, much like a plant does during photosynthesis, then converts it into a usable format--in this case, electrical energy.

And just how does the Eco Drive do this? Citizen manufactures the model with a silicon disc beneath the dial, which converts sunlight through what's known as a photovoltaic process. A special energy cell becomes the receptacle for this electronic energy and can parse it out as needed to give your watch peak efficiency.

More About the Citizen Eco Drive

Because there are no battery parts inside the watch, there are also no caustic chemicals that are potentially dangerous to the environment. Most other watches use a silver oxide battery, which can not only be toxic but require recharging or replacement. With your Eco Drive Citizen watch, you're guaranteed a lifetime of use without ever having to crack open your case.

When the Eco Drive goes into low-charge warning mode, it's time to re-expose your watch to bright light. Until you do this however, your Citizen will automatically begin to conserve energy by slowing down its second hand. While you may notice jumps in its interval movement, rest assured that it's still keeping accurate time.

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