Citizen Eco-drive Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Citizen Eco-Drive watches make use of a revolutionary new technology that makes battery-run watches obsolete. The Eco-Drive system makes use of any kind of light, natural or artificial, to power an energy cell. With power-saving features, a fully charged watch can store enough power to run for up to five years, even in the dark!

How Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Work

Light is absorbed through the watch face's crystal and dial. (Citizen has developed special filters that compensate for different dial colors.) A solar cell converts the light into electrical energy, which is stored in an energy cell. The cell is constantly being replenished by ambient light for a lifetime of use. The energy cell never has to be replaced.

One of the reasons I particularly like Citizen Eco-Drive watches is that unlike some other manufacturers, they don't reserve their technological advances strictly for sport watches, especially men's sport watches. Almost all styles of Citizen watches use the Eco-Drive technology, whether it's a man's chronograph or a woman's dainty bracelet watch.

The many styles of Citizen Eco-Drive watches can be seen at their website, classified into 20 collections. The variety is quite exceptional, ranging from high-tech dive watches with oxygen alarms to sophisticated evening wear for men and women.

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