Citizen Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Citizen watch is, by certain standards, the most popular time piece in the world today. But Citizen wasn't always Citizen. Long before that it was the Shokasha Watch Research Institute, which took shape in 1918. Six years later, the company's first pocket watch came into being, followed, six years after that, by the founding of the watch company known today as Citizen.

Even then the Citizen watch was revered for its style as much as the company was noted for its innovation. In 1931, Citizen manufactured its first wrist watch. Ever since then its production history has been dotted with famous firsts. These include, among other things, the first analog solar-powered quartz watch in 1976 and the world's first pro climbing watch with built-in elevation sensor in 1989.

The Citizen Watch Today

Nowadays, Citizen is the biggest manufacturer of watches in the world. From dive watches to climbing watches, there are styles appropriate for every sports fanatic. Still, the most popular piece in the Citizen line is the Citizen Eco Drive, which requires no winding whatsoever. Rather, it takes its power from the sun by absorbing light into solar panels on its face dial.

The Eco Drive is also a smart watch in its ability to save power. The second-hand movement comes with a built-in delay of up to four seconds for settings that are too dark for an accurate read. Once the watch is re-exposed to light, the second hand catches up to its previous position and resumes its accurate measurement.

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