Compass Watches

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Compass watches are a perfect companion for your next adventure. A compass is an essential tool for most outdoor activities that last a day or more. It's important when covering lengthy distances by foot, mountain bike, snowmobile, car, skis, snowboard, or canoe to have a device that can get you where you're going and get you out of trouble if you're lost.

Compass watches have been around for years and are popular among people who like to spend time outdoors. I have wasted valuable daylight hours on the trail searching through my pack for a handheld compass. The best place for a compass is where it is readily available for reference at any given time.

Types of Compass Watches

Compass watches come in both digital and analog formats. Some analog compass watches have a conventional compass attached to the wristband in addition to the watch face. Digital compass models offer a digital compass reading on their LCD display.

Digital models offer many features in a sleek, compact package but they will loose all functionality if the battery runs out. Analog models may be a little bulkier than their digital counterparts, so they might not be suitable for formal occasions. I'm a big fan of compass watches because they come in handy when you least expect to need them and are always close at hand.

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