Custom Watch Bands

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Custom watch bands are great for style mavens who demand a bit more attention to detail in their ensembles. You've seen these people before (and may even be one yourself): the shoes gleam from a fresh coat of shine, the blazer fits perfectly, smooth across the back and shoulders, perfect length in the sleeves, no wrinkles to be found. Not a hair out of place.

In some industries, this militant fashion code is de rigeur. For others, there's simply a feeling of pride in donning a custom-made shirt or pair of slacks. Granted, most people can't afford their own personal tailors. But it is possible to find a seller who deals in custom watch bands. If you're spending four or five figures on a timepiece, isn't it worth the added cost to make sure it fits to a tee?

What Custom Watch Bands Entail

Custom watch bands are designed to fit whatever specifications you desire. One of the most important factors is size; an ill-fitting wristwatch can slide up and down your arm or even fall off altogether, which is an excellent way to lose or break it. But there are also specs such as clasp style, strap thickness, and sheen, each of which can help your watch stand apart from an "off-the-rack" variety.

The options for custom watch straps often vary by manufacturer. But if the watch house that produced your timepiece doesn't offer watch bands that meet your expectations, you have two options. One is to find a different make and model of watch. Two is to buy a separate strap from an aftermarket retailer and hand-assemble your own dream watch.

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