Datejust Rolex Dial

Written by Michael Federico
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The Rolex Datejust dial is one of the most influential watch pieces ever to be created. In 1945, it was presented as the first wristwatch face to feature a clearly visible date display. After that, almost every watchmaker in the world co-opted the design.

The Datejust utilized what Rolex refers to as the Cyclops magnifying lens. This simple addition made it possible for people to see the date at a glance. This technique is still employed today, and in fact the Cyclops lens is very much a part of the watch making process.

Types of Datejust Dials

There are four major versions of the Datejust dial. The prime difference between them is size. A potential buyer can find a 31mm, 34mm, and 36mm model. However, there are aesthetic differences between these dials that go beyond simple measurements. There are white Datejust dials with Roman numerals as time markers. There are also silver dials encompassed by rotating bezels. The special edition (34mm) Datejust features a diamond-paved dial with black enamel Roman numerals.

The fourth Datejust model is known as the turn-o-graph. It can be found in pink, white, or yellow gold. It has a specially designed silver dial and a fluted bezel, as well. All of the dials used for these watches are waterproof once they are put into place. They are also self-winding. It is possible for a person to change Datejust dials. For instance, if a Rolex owner's watch has the customary white dial, he could order a customized black dial and completely change the look of his Datejust.

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