Daytona Rolex Band

Written by Michael Federico
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The Daytona Rolex is a highly specialized timepiece. It was created specifically for racing drivers, and its design takes into account the unique needs that these competitive drivers face on a routine basis. The Daytona can measure elapsed time and average speed. A driver can also quickly check the total number of hours and minutes that have passed during a race.

Every part of the Daytona watch is crafted to stand up to the stress that it will face while undergoing the high speeds and violent contact that often accompany a race. This means that the bezel, dial, and the band are all extremely durable. The traditional Daytona band is an Oysterlock bracelet, similar to those on other Rolexes from the oyster collection. However, the Daytona's band, usually constructed with steel, also features a safety clasp that ensures the watch will not fall off the wearer's wrist even while he is jostled around the cab of a car.

Replacing Daytona Bands

A Daytona watch band can be replaced should it succumb to the ravages of age. It is also possible to use different Rolex bands with the Daytona. However, not all bands are as strong, so if a person is highly active, it will probably serve him best to stay with the original bracelet.

Many people believe that Rolex only approves certain jewelers to carry their products so they can charge as much as they want for watches and parts. This is not actually the case. Rolex only uses jewelers and distributors that are committed to selling and maintaining high-quality pieces. This means that when a person purchases a replacement Daytona band or any other Rolex part from one of these businesses, he can be sure that the part is genuine and that it will meet the standards that Rolex has established.

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