Diamond Rolex Bezel

Written by Michael Federico
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The bezel of a Rolex watch often serves two very distinct purposes. In many cases, it has a very specific technical function. The rotating bezel on the Submariner makes it easier for divers to keep track of the time they have spent at certain depths and how long they have been under water altogether. The Daytona's bezel doubles as a tachometer, and the 24-hour graduated bezel of the Explorer II allows a climber to more easily monitor the length of his journey up the face of a mountain.

The bezel is not always relegated to serving a technical function, though. Often, it is the most spectacular looking piece of a watch. In fact, many Rolex watch bezels are so ornate and bejeweled that they alone cost far more than most watches on the market.

Types of Rolex Diamond Bezels

There are a number of different diamond bezels available for different Rolex watches. Men can find 1.1ct and 1.5ct diamond bezels for between $950 and $1,200. The diamonds on these pieces are set in 18k gold. Larger diamonds (2.0ct-5.0ct) can also be found in the same style bezel. The larger cuts will often cost between $6,000 and $7,000.

Women can find similar bezels to the gold and diamond styles available to men. However, there are a number of choices that are designed solely for women's watches. There are .90ct four baguette bezels that feature sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. The most expensive of these will cost upwards of $1,400. There are also gold bezels with 32 diamond beads and several baguette colored stones. It is also possible to find channel set diamond bezels.

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Bezel for 2007 ladies Rolex watch

I am looking for a ladies 2007 Rolex diamond bezel for my 2007 rolex watch. It is gold and stainless steel. The 2010 bezel will not fit my 2007 rolex watch. Can you help me?