Diamond Rolex Bracelet

Written by Michael Federico
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It has been said that the most beautiful diamond will appear lackluster and misshapen if it is set in an ugly piece of jewelry. Some people might disagree with this, but the designers at Rolex would not be among them. They have crafted watch bracelets, bezels, and dials that can stand alone and be set with diamonds and other stones. The elegance of the watch enhances the sparkle of the jewels, and the gems, in turn, can do the same for the watch.

Most standard Rolexes do not come with diamonds set in the bracelet. However, it is possible to find these specialty items through most Rolex distributors. There are a number of different types of bracelets that utilize diamonds well. There are traditional yellow gold bracelets that are compatible for the majority of watches in the Oyster collection. There are also platinum bracelets that can be highlighted with diamonds. In very rare instances (usually for the President watch style), diamonds can be set into a bracelet of rare rose gold.

Specialty Diamond Rolex Pieces

Rolex will occasionally design and release a watch that was created with diamonds in mind. For instance, the ladies' white anniversary dial serves as a perfect frame for diamond accessories. Many would say that it also serves as the perfect anniversary gift.

There are also channel set diamond bezels. These pieces can draw attention from across the room, as the series of diamonds on an 18k gold base causes the entire watch to sparkle. This design is often offset with a gold and diamond watch bracelet, which can tie the bezel into the rest of the watch design.

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