Diamond Rolex Dial

Written by Michael Federico
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There are a number of watch collectors throughout the world that will acquire different Rolex dials. They will not purchase a completed watch, or even a dial and bezel combination. They simply want to accrue as many of the existing specialty dials as they possibly can.

Diamond Rolex dials are not usually the domain of these collectors. The diamond pieces are more often given as gifts or simply purchased by a person who wants to enhance the appearance of his watch. Almost any type of Rolex dial can be customized with diamonds. There are even choices one can make with regard to the size and cut of the stone.

Types of Rolex Dials

When a person decides that he wants a diamond dial, he should be aware that there are several different types of Rolex dials available. Each type may have different versions, but the differences between them are generally cosmetic. However, each type of dial actually functions differently than the others.

The dial and bezel on the Explorer were created with mountain climbers in mind. Therefore, they will not work in the same way or offer the same features as the dial and bezel for the Submariner (for divers) or the GMT (for travelers). Those who have no desire to dive, climb, drive, or hike can usually just choose a dial based on its look. However, it is a good idea to view the dial set with diamonds before making a purchase, because some watch faces look completely different once diamonds or any other gems have been added to them.

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