Dive Watch

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A dive watch used to be reserved for swimmers, scuba divers or members of the military. The watches were designed to stand up to extremely diverse conditions and to be durable. The appearance of the watch was often sacrificed in order to produce a product that met all military requirements.

Dive Watch Changes

Now diving watches are designed to sell to a much larger customer base and are crafted with fashion in mind. The watches are available with different colored faces, luminous hands or with varying watch bands. Although the watches still have the same functionality, the overall appearance has altered significantly. Whether or not it is a change for the best is up to each owner, some people prefer the no-frills look while others like their watch to be seen as an accessory.

Know the Time Anywhere

To non-divers, being able to tell time underwater may seem unnecessary. Air consumption is crucial when diving and it is important not to stay under too long. Having a diving watch makes this possible because they are constructed with micro gas lights that cause the watch face and hands to glow. No external light source is needed to power the lights in order to know exactly what time it is or how long a diver has been under.

Dive watches look very similar to other watches and can be purchased for anyone for everyday use. The watches can sustain extreme water pressure but at the same time they keep their great appearance. Available in stainless steel, titanium and other materials, the watches can be worn in casual or dress situations and are also made in women's styles. Learn more about diving watches by visiting our preferred retailer.

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