Esq Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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In the tradition of great Swiss watchmaking, the Esq watch combines stately looks with precision engineering. But unlike companies such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Tissot, Esq presents a real value for watch collectors. Most Esq watches boast the same functions and reliability as these rival brands, but do so at a greatly reduced cost.

Esq offers both fashion and sport watches, all of which are backed by the company's standard warrantee. It's worth reading the back of your Esq's casing to find out the level of its water resistance, but generally all Esq watches are covered to a depth of 30 meters--roughly 100 feet. Similarly, each model in the Esq line is manufactured from sturdy mineral crystals that help the watches stave off rust and scratches. Once you've purchased your Esq watch, chances are it's here to stay.

Choosing Your Esq Watch

Select from five different styles and three different families of Esq watch depending on the look and feel you're shooting for. Stainless steel always offers a clean, classic look, whether you're in the office or on the playing field. The diamond-style watch makes a somewhat different statement--namely, look at me! The chronograph, on the other hand, has a more populist feel, as it's perfect for everyday wear to work, school, or just around the house.

Whether you choose from the Centurion, Ion, or Quest families, you're guaranteed to receive a timeless, durable, and elegant wrist watch that defines you as a man or woman of taste. There's no folded steel construction in any of Esq's watches, and each model is hypoallergenic for maximum comfort. If you're considering spending a good deal more on an Ebel or Croton, it's worth giving the Esq line a closer look first. You may save yourself a load of money without compromising one iota on style and performance.

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