Grandfather Clocks

Written by Tara Peris
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A common misconception about grandfather clocks is that they are necessarily old-fashioned. Although these impressive time pieces are certainly long-term investments that should be purchased with longevity in mind, there is nothing to suggest that they need to be limited to traditional, outdated designs. In fact, with increasing frequency, designers are beginning to modernize their designs so as to appeal to a more contemporary consumer aesthetic.

It used to be the case that grandfather clocks took one general format. Although specific detail varied, they were all more or less massive mahogany structures that spoke to a grandeur of yesteryear. They were great investments for people who enjoyed collecting antiques, or for those who valued traditional, conservative designs. They were not so great for those with minimalist leanings.

A New Take on a Traditional Favorite: Grandfather Clocks Get Updated

In the past, the limited design repertoire kept many consumers from purchasing grandfather clocks. Recently, however, there has been rapid growth and expansion within the design industry, affording more options than ever before. The result has been a growing collection of sleek, contemporary grandfather clock designs that suit all tastes.

It is worth noting that because grandfather clocks are long-term investments, they should be purchased with longevity in mind, regardless of the specific design or style. It is worth taking the time to consult with a person who specializes in fine timepieces, so as to obtain advice on making a smart investment. You want something that not only fits with your personal aesthetic, but that will stand the test of time as well.

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