Green Submariner Bezel

Written by Michael Federico
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The Submariner is one of Rolex's most popular watches. It is, of course, used by countless professional divers, but people who never even set foot in the water are also drawn to it. Its appearance makes it a timepiece that can be worn in any setting.

The traditional Submariner dial is black, and the watch generally features a rotating black bezel. However, the dial has gone through a number of transformations over the years. The 1680 Submariner that was popular in the '60s and '70s featured the now famous Rolex red dial. Later, the Submariner made use of a standard white dial. Recently, Rolex has released a new Submariner design that features an original dial and an original bezel.

The 50th Anniversary Submariner

The latest design of the Rolex Submariner was created specifically for that watch's 50th anniversary. The main features that set this model apart from all the rest are the green dial and green bezel. The watch will most likely only be available for a limited time, so many are already referring to it as a future collectible.

The green on green look is truly unique. However, like all Submariner incarnations, this special edition is waterproof. It also has aspects that make it easy for divers to determine how much time they have spent at a certain depth. This allows them to both safely descend into and ascend out of the water. The watch generally costs around $6,000. However, that price will go up if a person chooses to customize the green bezel with engraving, diamonds, or other jewels.

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