Iwc Watches

Written by Beth Hrusch
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IWC watches have been manufactured since the 1860s, when an American named Florentine Jones decided to make timepieces in Switzerland and export them back to the United States. After many years and a number of setbacks, the International Watch Company got off the ground. It created a niche for itself, designing specialty watches for the growing middle class.

IWC Watches Rest on Innovation

Several innovations through the years have made IWC timepieces popular and increased their desirability with the public. During World War I, the company invented a movement called Calibre 52. The demands of the military prompted another innovation--the first oversized anti-magnetic pilot's watch. Another revolutionary movement invented by IWC, the Calibre 83, followed this.

The IWC Company continues to invent new movements for its timepieces. Many IWC watches feature them. Chronograph watches have a patented link bracelet, registers for small seconds and automatic date calendars. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and Swiss precise quartz movement make these watches durable and reliable. Styles are understated and classic, with an old-fashioned simplicity that appeals to those who prefer inconspicuous elegance.

For a look that is simple and stylish with all the features that modern life demands, IWC watches are a perfect choice. Years of innovation have produced watches of high quality that are made to last for years of accurate timekeeping. Their classic look goes well with any outfit, and with many models to choose from they are made to suit a variety of tastes.

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