Jfa Watch Winders

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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JFA watch winders are distributed by James Feldman Associates, an Illinois-based concern made up of several different companies. Since 1972, JFA has been the exclusive distributor of watch winders made by a German company called MTE. The core competency of MTE is turntable motors, seen everywhere on display racks and showroom floors.

It only made sense, then, for MTE to expand its expertise into the world of luxury watches. But the cost of doing business overseas can be prohibitively high, which is why JFA and MTA teamed up to bring American consumers the best, most affordable product available. The combination of MTE's size in the international market, coupled with JFA's domestic reach, makes JFA watch winders a real value for serious watch collectors.

How JFA Watch Winders Operate

JFA watch winders are designed to keep the mainspring of your watch wound when you're not wearing the piece on your wrist. Winders are built to exacting standards that match the engineering specs of your specific watch. An average watch can lose enough power over the course of a day to warrant anywhere from 300 to 800 turns. Opt for a cheap winder and you may well end up overstressing your watch's mainspring and damaging the watch.

There are several different factors to weigh when shopping for any watch winder. Aside from the aesthetics of the winder, which certainly matter, especially to style mavens, you'll want to consider the rate at which your winder turns, the direction in which it turns, and the number of turns per day. If you're not sure what your luxury watch requires, check with the manufacturer or, better yet, consult the instruction manual that came with your purchase.

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