Kenneth Cole Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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There is nothing ordinary about Kenneth Cole watches. They range from the stylish to the downright glamorous, and their sleek and witty designs are reminiscent of the age of Art Deco and the Moderne without being at all retro. Kenneth Cole watches make a bold statement on your wrist, a statement that doesn't rely on extravagant spending or chronographic complexity as much as it does on pure panache.

Of course, Kenneth Cole is all about bold statements. His ads are famous--some would say notorious--for combining elegant photography with wry political and social observations. His comments are sometimes chilling: "40 percent of American homes with children have hidden guns. 87 percent of kids play hide and seek." They are sometimes witty: "Every so often we renew our search for intelligent life. It's called an election." They are always thought provoking.

Cole says, "To be aware is more important than what you wear." He backs up his rhetoric with action: his website lists half a dozen causes the company supports. Fortunately for the material girl and guy in all of us, it also lists all the available styles of Kenneth Cole watches.

Kenneth Cole Watches for Men and Women

Both men's and women's styles cover a range from casual to elegant. For men, his "Time Me" and "Tri This on for Size" styles are sporty, while the aptly named "Thin Man" would complement a business suit and "High Time" is suited to the high life. For women, eight styles range from the chunky "Matter of Time" to the sleek "Give Me a Minute." Chic and cheeky, Kenneth Cole designs have something to say.

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