Leather Rolex Bands

Written by Michael Federico
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The majority of bands and bracelets for Rolex watches are not leather. They are made of steel, gold, or platinum. They come in a variety of styles including the Jubilee, the Oyster, and the Presidential. Specific clasps are designed for each, and many times these clasps can be hidden, giving the watch a more streamlined look.

This does not mean that a person can't find leather bands for Rolexes. In fact, there are a number of top-of-the-line bands available in leather. If a person does some shopping, he can even find genuine crocodile leather bands for watches from Rolex's Cellini collection. More traditional black and brown finished leather bands are available, as well. People in search of leather bands for their Rolexes will often encounter products that have been created to fit Rolex watches, but that were not, in fact, produced by Rolex. Adding a band, even one of fine Italian leather, that is not a Rolex band can decrease the value of a watch and make it more difficult to sell as a genuine Rolex timepiece.

Finding Replacement Bands

Many people like to have one watch with a band made of a precious metal and one with a leather band. It is possible to find replacement pieces for both of theses styles. Approved Rolex distributors will often carry a variety of bands that can fit watches from all of Rolex's collections. Many of these stores will also repair or refinish an existing band.

Watches that feature leather bands are often less expensive than others. This does not mean that they are lesser quality. Rolex watches, regardless of the style, all live up to a certain standard. However, leather bands are generally not nearly as durable as those crafted in gold, steel, or platinum.

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