Luxury Watches

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Luxury watches seem like an extravagance to many people. Who can rightly explain spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a brand new Rolex or Cartier when there are mortgage payments, car payments, credit card bills, and student loans to pay off? It's doubly outrageous when you consider that a 20-dollar plastic digital watch effectively performs the same task as a 10,000-dollar Patek Philippe!

One could make a similar argument, of course, about a car. Why should you fritter away 90,000 dollars on a brand new Carrera when a 9000-dollar Saturn could suffice? It has four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel, and a gas pedal. It gets you where you need to go, and for a lot less money at that!

We All Have Our Priorities

There are some folks who will clip 30-cent coupons to save on laundry detergent at their local supermarket. These same penny-pinchers won't think twice, however, about spending 30 dollars for a great cut of steak. By the same token, there are wealthy and successful people who see food as a frivolous expense; by their logic, you can fill yourself up with a four-dollar burrito even better than you could with a 24-ounce Porterhouse. It all comes down to priorities.

Luxury watches serve several roles all at once. Yes, they're precision instruments, fine-tuned for pin-point accuracy, but they're also staples of any dressy wardrobe. Just as some people feel naked without a belt, others feel marooned without their luxury watches, even though there umpteen digital clocks, cell phones, microwaves, and other time-telling devices surrounding them at any given moment.

Luxury Watches as Status Symbols

Aside from their functionality and sharp looks, luxury watches also confer a sense of status on their wearers. A stunning Rolex or Breitling can denote great taste and class every bit as much as a Jaguar or Mercedes. In fact, with the premier foreign car manufacturers diluting their brands with 30,000-dollar versions of their classic autos, one could argue that some luxury watches are a greater status symbol than some high-end vehicles.

Find Out More about Luxury Watches

The world of luxury watches requires a discriminating eye in addition to a flair for style. True watch enthusiasts choose their timepieces with the care and attention they'd spend when buying a home. There are mechanisms and escapements to analyze, complications, and dials, and a host of aesthetic factors to consider such as watch bands and bezels.

In the pages that follow, you'll learn more about the specialized world of luxury watches. You'll discover some of the unique secrets and techniques used by leading manufacturers, as well as straight-forward information on everything from watch winders to cases. Now, if only there were a way to teach great taste as well.

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