Men's Movado Watches

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Men's Movado watches have a look that is timeless yet updated for today's lifestyles. The Movado collections contain models that are substantial and masculine, with an almost architectural feel. In fact, some of their watches are displayed in museums around the world, a tribute to their quality and design.

Men's Movado Watches Have A Stately Presence

For the man who wants something more in a watch, Movado watches are the perfect choice. In Movado watches, elegance combines with fine craftsmanship to produce watches of exceptional style and reliability. Their restrained and classic look is stately, making them well suited for any occasion. The Museum collection, for example, is a minimalist interpretation. Its black dial contains only hands and a single concave dot to indicate the time.

The Elliptica is a sportier model, with a date calendar and water-resistance to 100 feet. A skeleton case allows one to see through the back and view the mechanism. Still, it retains the stark and simple feel of all men's Movado watches. Striking colored dials grace some of the Sports Edition watches, some of which have chronographs that allow the wearer to use the watch as a stopwatch. Movado also has watches that are set into the bracelet for a look of fine jewelry.

Movado has created watches that are simply designed, and in this lays their beauty. Bold, architectural forms with little ornamentation appeal to those who want a watch that is more like a wearable piece of art. Men's Movado watches provide a stately presence that will carry a man into any situation with grace and style.

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