Meteorite Rolex Dial

Written by Michael Federico
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The Rolex Meteorite dial ranks at the top of most collectors' lists. It is a truly unique piece that grows increasingly rare with each passing year. The name of the dial is not simply a clever title. The dial is, in fact, crafted from a meteorite that is believed by most to be close to four million years old.

The appearance of the meteorite dial can actually only be achieved in the far reaches of outer space. It occurs when two metals come together and cool into a crystal-like solid state. This process takes millions of years. The fact that the creation process and the look of this dial are truly singular is what appeals to most people. This aspect of the Meteorite (along with the fact that it is relatively hard to find) also makes it quite expensive.

Which Watches Use the Meteorite Dial?

The majority of Rolexes designed for men are compatible with the Meteorite dial. It is possible to find pieces from both the oyster and Cellini collections with this particular watch face. However, if a person finds a specialty design over the Web, it is crucial that the piece come with papers certifying that the watch and the dial are genuine Rolex creations, because the amount of money that one will spend is far too much to blow on a fraud.

Combining the Rolex President watch design with the Meteorite face creates a truly unique timepiece. Both represent the very peak of craftsmanship and design. When these two Rolex parts are brought together, a person should assume that he will spend at least between $30,000 and $50,000.

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