Navy Seal Dive Watch

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The Navy Seal dive watch was first launched for use during night diving missions by Navy Seals. The elite military group wanted a watch that could stand up to water pressure but also have the functionality of a traditional timepiece.

The Seal watch has undergone rigorous testing in order to be qualified for official use in all branches of the military.

Improvements to the Navy Seal Dive Watch

The first seal watches were made of plastic in order to best work under water. However, as the watches became more popular watch makers began to implement new technologies in order to improve the watch. The watches now include micro gas lights which allow the wearer to see the hands and time markers regardless of environmental conditions. In addition, the watches feature the quality of Swiss craftsmanship meaning the seal watch will stand up to unfathomable conditions.

The U.S. Navy Seals are one of the most respected commando units in the military. They are the most highly trained and flexible force, being able to carry out missions on land, air or sea. The Seals often work in extremely hostile conditions and have missions that are top-secret and highly dangerous. Navy Seals do not often gain the notoriety of other military units due to most of their exploits being clandestine.

The Most Versatile Watch

The Navy Seal dive watch is no longer just for members of the military. The watch's design has come a long way and is now available with different bands or multi-colored faces. The watches are extremely durable but are also excellent for everyday use.

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