Nike Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Nike watches are produced in so many models and varieties that you may feel like a kid in a candy store when you're trying to make a decision. There are Nike watches for skiers, runners and trekkers, for men and for women, and even a line of durable, stylish watches for kids. Functions range from simple analog timekeeping to a watch so complex that it's really more like a wrist-sized computer.

Let's look at the Nike Oregon Alti-Compass. As its name implies, it has a real-time digital compass that constantly displays your direction as you move and an altimeter that tracks total elevation gained or lost. There are alarms for altitude and hydration, and they have been made extra-loud to be heard in noisy outdoor environments. Nike's patented Zero Drift technology eliminates barometric drift and guarantees accurate data.

Fitness Features of Nike Watches

You can find Nike watches that have lap timers, temperature alarms, heart-rate monitors and more kinds of chronographs than you knew existed. Several versions can download data to your PC or Mac. Then you can analyze your workout, make use of the software Nike provides to plan your next workout, and upload it to your watch.

I'm a fan of Nike watches. While some companies seem to try to load everything they possibly can onto their sport watches, Nike provides a wide field to choose from so that you can select the features you'll actually use. Nike is also one of the very few companies that make serious fitness watches designed for women.

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