Omega Forum

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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An Omega forum is the perfect place for you to ask questions, trade stories, and learn more about Omega watches. To this day, Omega touts itself as the only watch ever worn on the moon. The Speedmaster Chronograph in particular would go on to achieve renown as the first timepiece sanctioned by NASA for space flight.

Today, the reputation Omega earned nearly 40 years ago continues to drive demand for the product. Athletics commissions and boards officially license Omega to be the approved timekeeper for track and field events, swim meets, and ski competitions. But aside from its commercial uses, the Speedmaster (and the Omega brand as a whole) enjoys a widespread following among watch fans and fashion hounds.

Get the Most from Your Omega Forum

An Omega forum on the Web gives you an outlet for general questions about your watch's engineering, maintenance, and operation, as well as reflections on the science of horology as a whole. The people who populate Omega forums tend to spend ample time on other web chat sites and message boards. They may spend a few minutes discussing Omegas, then head over to the closest Rolex forum after that.

Whether you're a "newbie" to web chat or a cagey veteran of internet listservs, an Omega forum is designed to be a public venue where any topic relating to watches is fair game. Most other web chatters will welcome your questions and comments and invite you in to join their ranks. Still, it's worth obeying basic "netiquette" whether you're discussing watch accessories, politics, religion, or any subject. And the best way to determine the code of conduct is to spend a few minutes quietly observing and getting acquainted with the site.

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