Panerai Replica

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Panerai replica, like the authentic watch itself, is a relative baby in the timepiece world. Whereas the histories of companies like Rolex and Citizen date back to the mid- to late-19th century, the Panerai dates back to--well, roughly 1997. Of course, the Richemont Group--formerly the Vendome Group--that owns Panerai has its own unique history, so some people have argued that the Panerai really has 50 years of innovation and excellence behind it.

But by watchmaking standards, that history is nevertheless a relatively short one, which makes Panerai's achievements all the more notable. In the short time that Panerai watches have been available, they have grown into a veritable phenomenon. Yes, they can be inordinately expensive, but Panerai watches, with their WWII-era inspiration, are hotly sought-after not only by collectors, but by historians and fashion trendsetters as well.

The Panerai Replica--a 'Maximalist' Watch

While many houses have earned their reputations for elegance on a minimalist philosophy, the aesthetic behind the Panerai is unabashedly "maximalist." The Officine Panerai, as the ownership entity is known, boldly decided to set its own trends rather than follow those of an antiquated industry that has typically prized the unadorned timepiece. Panerai substituted the oversized dial and large features for the hitherto standard demarcation of elegance--the small, simple watch.

That same spirit of nonconformity can be found even in the Panerai replica. The fake Panerai comes complete with the same exact stately dials and luminous markers as its authentic counterpart. So replica watch fans rejoice! This previously unattainable accessory is now decidedly open to watch-lovers at large.

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