Pathfinder Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pathfinder watches pack a quite astounding number of functions into one small, tough package. Casio makes versions of Pathfinder watches for trekkers and divers, mountain climbers, fishermen, even yacht racers. These high-testosterone watches have just about everything the outdoorsman might need, and they're ruggedly handsome, too.

Even something as simple as lighting has been engineered to function in tough conditions. With most watches, you have to push a button to light up the dial. That's not the case with Pathfinder watches. If you're hanging by one hand and it's getting dark, all you have to do is tilt your watch toward you and the electro-luminescent backlight goes on automatically.

You can leave your Boy Scout compass at home, too. Pathfinder watches have their own compass built in, and it is easy to use. It's digital, of course, and measures in single degrees from 0 to 359. It has both bi-directional calibration and northerly calibration and a rotating direction bezel. It has a memory that keeps track of five sets of data, each of which includes direction, month, date, and time. It can even alert you to abnormal magnetic fields.

Track Down Pathfinder Watches Online

There are plenty of websites that offer this popular watch. Because online stores have a nationwide reach and don't have the overhead of brick and mortar establishments, they are often able to pass on their savings to the consumer. That means deep discounts for you on a Pathfinder watch.

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