Radio Controlled Watches

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Radio controlled watches offer the fashion of a traditional watch with the accuracy of the most precise clock in the world. Every night the watch is adjusted and synchronized to the atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. The watch is easy to set and will keep time as long as a fresh battery is used.

Powerful Radio Controlled Watches

Radio watches are able to keep perfect time by receiving radio signals transmitted from Colorado. Should you travel to an extremely rural location or somewhere far from home, the watch will continue to keep precise time up to 2000 miles. The signal is transmitted around the globe and will keep the watch accurate in all 24 time zones, even accounting for daylight savings changes.

Many of us lead very busy lives with numerous meetings or appointments. These meetings often require us to be prompt and penalize us for being late. Having a radio controlled watch will ensure that we always know the exact time. Unfortunately, with radio controlled watches you'll never be able to use the excuse you lost track of time!

Impressive Features

These accurate timepieces have perpetual day and date calendars, a signal reception indicator and are battery powered. While you may have to sacrifice some of the looks of a standard watch, having the exact time is a feature that many people value tremendously. Find out more about radio watches by visiting our list of recommended retailers.

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