Rado Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Since 1917 the Rado watch company has, most famously, supplied the world with scratchproof timepieces. Born in Biel, Switzerland, Rado maintains a comparatively small work force today--300 employees worldwide. The company enjoys a reputation for using one-of-a-kind materials in manufacturing its line, including everything from hardmetal to high-tech lanthanum.

The result of this innovation is a product that's impervious to the scratches and marks that plague other fine watches and induces their wearers to simply leave them home. Rado-wearers, on the other hand, can be confident in the durability of their accessories, which means the Rado watch sees far more daylight than its Tissot, Ebel, or Rolex counterparts. Of course, the material-technological supremacy behind the Rado watch doesn't mean that an equal amount of effort doesn't go into style and fashion. After all, how many other manufacturers turn to high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystal when it comes to selecting their materials?

More About Your Rado Watch

The Rado has been given a slew of design awards and other accolades for its outstanding engineering. In 2001 alone the Rado earned the prestigious German 'iF Design Award' as well as the Japanese 'Good Design' nod. Rado followed this effort in 2002 with the 'IDEA Award' (Industrial Design Excellence Award) here in the U.S. All those years of prospecting for and experimenting with new materials, then tweaking and refining them, has clearly paid off for Rado.

The Rado watch also makes a fantastic gift. If you've got a watch connoisseur in your family but are unsure which model or style best suits his or her tastes, Rado is an excellent choice for all the options it affords. Choose from over 17 different models, from casual watches to more elegant alternatives, from black dials to white dials, round cases to square cases. Chances are, the watch-lover you're shopping for will appreciate your sensibility.

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