Rolex Bezels

Written by Michael Federico
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One of the things that sets Rolex watches apart from the majority of watches out there is the fact that every part of the watch is designed with form and function in mind. Even pieces of the watch that serve a very technical purpose are still created to look elegant and refined. This is true of bands, dials, clasps, and bezels. In fact, the Rolex bezel is often the part of the watch that attracts the most attention.

Most styles of Rolex have bezels that were designed specifically for them. They might have certain features that make the watch appeal to a certain type of person such as a traveler or an avid driver. However, it is possible to find specialty bezels for almost any Rolex watch. These pieces were created by the same designers and artisans who craft the finest Rolex watches.

Unique Rolex Bezels

A number of stores that sell a variety of Rolexes will also sell a variety of Rolex bezels. Some will have an entire section of bezels set with diamonds. There are channel set designs, bead designs, and even designs that also feature other precious stones. Most of the stones are actually set in an 18 karat gold bezel, and the majority of these gold and jewel combinations cost over $1,000.

If diamonds and emeralds are not what one is looking for in a bezel, there are less flashy pieces available. There are fluted and polished bezels. There are also those that are silver or black. The variety of bezels is actually equal to if not greater than the variety of Rolex watches available.

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