Rolex Daytona

Written by Michael Federico
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The Rolex Daytona is named for the city that hosts one of the most popular auto races in America. This is because the watch was designed to fit the needs of the racecar driver. The sweep second hand makes the watch accurate and easy to read. It also has the ability to keep track of both elapsed time and average speed. Total minutes and hours of a race can be monitored easily, and the graduated bezel can serve as a tachometer.

Every technical detail of the Daytona allows a racer, whether in a car, on a bike, or on his feet to keep track of his pace. The watch will let him know if he is running strong or if he needs to kick it up on the next lap. The watch is also built strong enough to withstand the shocks it will take during the average 500 or marathon.

Aesthetic Features of the Daytona

While the watch is designed specifically for action, it is also crafted in the style of other Rolexes. That means that when the wearer steps out of his racing togs and into a three-piece suit, his watch will still work for him. Like the Rolex Submariner, it is crafted in steel so it is durable and can be worn with anything.

The Daytona features an oyster bracelet with a safety clasp. The dial is traditionally white with offset numerals, and the bezel is engraved. It is possible to personalize the Daytona with engraving. Also, there are a number of different replacement dials that will fit with the Daytona, but there are attributes that are specific only to the traditional dial.

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